Underwriting Requirements:

  • Company location
  • Nature of business (SIC Code)
  • Proposed effective date, and due date
  • Provide details if there is more than one location
  • Complete Excel census including year of birth, gender, coverage status (single/family), zip codes, COBRA/Retiree status
  • Current schedule of benefits as well as any proposed benefit changes. Current Managed Care Network and any proposed changes to the Managed Care Network
  • Month-by-month claims and enrollment. (Minimum – 19 months. Preferred – 36 months). Large claim information corresponding to the month-by-month claims.
  • Current and/or renewal rates.

Also, please provide current funding mechanism, current/requested specific deductible, current/requested contract types, current/requested commission level, and any other pertinent information necessary to provide our most competitive terms. For groups that are currently fully insured, please provide a rate history, including renewal rates, as well as any experience exhibits that are available.

MDU Underwriting Guidelines

  • Standard Underwriting Guidelines
    • Minimum Group Size: 20 employees
    • Minimum Specific Deductible: $15,000
    • Specific Maximums to: Unlimited
    • Standard Maximum Aggregate Benefit: $1,000,000
    • Participation Requirements (based on # of eligible employees): 75%
  • Specific and Aggregate Contract Available
    • 12/12 yo 18/12 Run-IN contracts (24/12 IF current TPA renewal)
    • 12/12 yo 12/24 Run-OUT contracts
  • Options and Riders
    • Monthly Aggregate Accommodation
    • Aggregate Terminal Liability Benefit
    • Aggregating Specific Deductible Option
    • Specific Reinsurance Immediate Reimbursement (included Automatically at no additional cost)
    • No-Laser Options available

Underwriting Information and Procedures

Underwriting Forms and Agreements