Underwriting Requirements:

Company location, nature of business (SIC Code), proposed effective date, and due date. Please provide details if there is more than one location. Complete census including year of birth, gender, coverage status (single/family), zip codes, COBRA/Retiree status. Current schedule of benefits as well as any proposed benefit changes. Current Managed Care Network and any proposed changes to the Managed Care Network. Month-by-month claims and enrollment. Minimum – 19 months. Preferred – 36 months. Large claim information corresponding to the month-by-month claims above. Current and/or renewal rates.

Also, please provide current funding mechanism, current/requested specific deductible, current/requested contract types, current/requested commission level, and any other pertinent information necessary to provide our most competitive terms. For groups that are currently fully insured, please provide a rate history as well as any experience exhibits that are available.

Underwriting Information and Procedures

Underwriting Forms and Agreements